EU Internal Market – FIN-NET

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EU Internal Market – financial retail services

Financial retail services play an important role in the day-to-day life of the EU population. In spite of the development in recent years in the sphere of the customer protection, market integration or growing volume of transactions a considerable fragmentation on pan-European level persists. This is the reason, why all resources including the education and information have to be employed to achieve a similar accessibility and identical level of retail financial services all over the EU.

FIN-NET, oriented on an issue of out-of court settlement of the border transgressing complaints, is an important component of this agenda.

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FIN-NET – Consumer Complaints Network for Financial Services

(out-of court settlement of the border transgressing complaints in the sphere of financial services)

European Commission introduced in February 2001 a FIN-NET Project, which should serve speedy, effective and non-expensive way of settlement of the disputes between the providers of financial services and their clients on the internal EU market. It is an alternative to – not a substitute of - the court lawsuit, which is often lengthy and expensive. (Consumer has an option to file lawsuit directly or after an unsatisfactory result of the FIN-NET settlement.)

FIN-NET Project links more than 40 national schemes, that treat the consumer complaints (financial arbiters and similar). This network is set up for the solution of disputes, which are border transgressing (services provider has the seat in an EU country different from that, in which the consumer has his domicile).

FIN-NET target is to encourage the consumer confidence in the financial services offered all over the EU territory.

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